Color & Foils

foil_thumbCome and get the Hottest trends in color!

Certain shades go better with certain skin tones, eye colors, and clothing. There are many ways to enhance looks with different hues, highlights, low-lights, and other techniques to add something to the hairstyle. Changing the color of the hair is as vital as changing the length or style, that is why it is important to first determine which shades are better fitted for reach look. There are four main shades for hair colors and those are blonde, brunette, red, and black. These main shades can have different hues as well such as golden brown, dark red, and a lot of other choices as well. Each hair color has its own properties for defining looks and each can look great.

Past years have had an abundance of color as well, but they have included bold streaks of contrasting color. This year, go bold, but do it all over with complimentary streaks and undertones that are warm instead of ashy. Here’s a color breakdown to help guide you this spring.